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Windows 10 and Apple Watch Featured

Again this week on MainMenu we will be taking a look at Windows 10, and this week we will look at access to Windows 10 with the newly released version Jaws 16.0.3048 just released on June 22nd.

David Woodbridge follows up on the Windows 10 review with a demonstration of using maps with your Apple Watch, and playing music on your Apple Watch.

Next week we will be looking at introductions to a couple of new technologies that we will be starting series on this summer, and don't forget that MainMenu will be taking a week off on July 10th in order to stream the Banquet from the ACB Convention and Conference in Dallas. And, we know you won't want to miss hearing that special presentation here on acbradio Mainstream.

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Posted by David Tanner on 2015-06-26 at 01:44:51.

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