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Windows 10 Is Released And Record Numbers Of People Are Upgrading, But Should You Upgrade Now???

Windows 10 is released and record numbers of people around the world are making the switch. Is it time for you to make the switch too?

We hear the latest from Freedom Scientific about Jaws and Magic for Windows 10 from two of their recent FScast podcasts and get a bit of a report on a few issues still to be resolved with Jaws with Windows 10, and possible solutions.

Over the next few weeks we will hear about Window-Eyes and Windows 10 and NVDA Windows 10 access to Windows 10 with their expected next upgrade late in August.

We then hear four of the last demos of Apple Watch from David Woodbridge as he covers controling the Blind Square app on your iPhone from your Apple Watch. David shows us how to control Netflicks on your Apple TV using the Apple Watch Remote app, and how to check the weather on your watch with the weather app, plus dictate a message from your Apple Watch.

These demos will conclude our coverage of a tour of the Apple Watch.

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Posted by David Tanner on 2015-08-14 at 01:17:44.

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