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NVDA Keynote and Mark Down Language are featured on this week's Main Menu.

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Big news and big app smackdowns! That’s this week’s Main Menu. We bring you another perspective on the biggest news in assistive technology this year, the sunsetting of Window-Eyes and how to move to JAWS with the consummate expert and good friend of Main Menu, Jonathan Mosen from Freedom Scientific VFO. Jenine brings us another Big App Smackdown as she pits KNFB Reader against the newcomer, Prismo Go and its cloud-based OCR! We manage to cram an app review in there too for Prismo Go, plus a handy JAWS tip. So, don’t be afraid of the future! Embrace it with Main Menu!

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It’s time again for NVDACon and your Main Menu Team puts you right in the action with Derek Riemer and James Tay! We’ll Google the Google session, get struck by lightning sessions and anticipate a keynote address to rival an Apple event. Jason and Randy also bring us more fun and functionality with our favorite cylindrical digital assistant!

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On this week’s show, we start off with a segment in a series about which you may have forgotten. I wouldn’t blame you, either. Remember Macademia? It’s back and making up for lost time as Jason discusses the Finder, different ways to view your files and folders, multiple ways to select files, and more. Don’t worry, it’s not all work and no fun. Randy comes next with a comical, but useful tip regarding support for Amazon Echo devices. Next, Jason and Randy have a tech chat and discuss things that came across their desks over the past few weeks. Finally, Jason wraps up with a useful little Windows tip.

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OK Couch Potatoes! We know it’s Spring and you’ve moved from your couch to your lawn chair so this week we’re bringing you info to use on those rainy spring days when your TV is calling. Shannon Reece brings us a demo of Dish Network’s accessibility. Jason shares some Windows 10 Creators Update tips. Finally we get a demo of one of the new Samsung accessible TVs by our friend Derrick. Wait out those spring showers with us on Main Menu!

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This week your Main Menu Crew dishes dirt and draws down! First Jeff Bishop gives us the real dirt on CSUN, the workshops and networking opportunities! Then Scott Smith serves of the Dish Hopper 3 to continue our series on accessible TV options. Jenine closes with a Quick Draw video tip you won’t want to miss!

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You may have heard a lot of podcasts talking about the CSUN 2017 conference but we take a whole new look this week with our special guest Buddy Brannan! What was new, hot and cool at CSUN? Learn from Buddy who spent his time admittedly skulking around the Exhibit Hall. From braille to talking TV systems to tapping on our legs, we’ve got it all! We’ll also take a quick look at one of the hottest deals from CSUN, the KNFB Reader for Windows!

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It’s a brave new world this week on Main Menu as we present a kaleidoscope of technology! Jason and Randy bring us an interview with Chandani and Tania. of Team Tactile with their touch of genius device to scan print into braille. Then Brian Fischler takes us for a spin with Tivo accessibility. Finally the Women of Tech continue to represent as Lucy Greco gives us an update on Dictation Bridge.

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This week we continue our futuristic spin as Randy introduces us to Orcam with Aliza Olenick. See what this pair of glasses with a small control unit can do to help you recognize your world. Then Jason gets moving with Go Go Grandparents, a new way to access ride sharing services. It’s also been a big news week and Jason will tell you all about it.

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The ira visual inturpurtor is introduced.

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