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This episode is all about Apple and what is coming out from regarding the Apple watch and 3 new iPhones.

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Steps to make your home in to a smart home! Roomba 980 vacuum, smart plug and solar array app are the features on this week's show!

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This show is all about AIRA and their latest news.

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WE’re back! Too hot outside? Never fear! Steve Matzura brings us a review of the Tosheba Fire TV. Then Jenine talks about one of her convention buys, the Braille Me braille display. Jason also has some good info so be sure to tune in.

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I see music and ice maker technology are on this week's show.

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Keynote? We got your keynote! It’s that time of year again and we are proud to bring you the most awaited keynote address in assistive technology! This week we’re happy to share the NVDA-Con Keynote Address! Learn what’s new with NVDA, the free screen reader that has changed the way people think about assistive tech around the world.

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Heads up everyone! It’s time to find a nice pair of headphones for this week’s Main Menu! Jeff and Jenine talk with Amos Miller of Microsoft about Soundscape, a unique 3D audio experience to show you what’s around. If you do want a nice set of headphones, one you can even sleep on, Jenine has a review of Sleep Phones.

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On this Main Menu, Jason starts us off with an unboxing of a newly-purchased Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote. He takes listeners through connecting and setting up the device before turning it over to Jenine. She will get you off the couch and exploring as she demonstrates two apps that use artificial intelligence (AI) to identify what it is the mobile device’s camera is seeing. Finally, Jason returns and talks with Randy about a new VoIP service he has been using with Google Voice.

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This week we take a good look at low vision devices with our special guests Joe Steinkamp and Shelly Brisbin. Whether it’s on your head or in front of your face, hand held or desktop, We’re talking magnification and how people use it. If you’re thinking of getting a new magnifier and want to know what’s out there and how to make that choice, you won’t want to miss this show.

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Spring is here, spring is here! That means it’s Microsoft update time! Jeff Bishop and his team, Brett Humphrey, Carolina Hernandez and Mariah Moon join Jenine and Joe Steinkamp to talk Narrator. Be My Eyes has a new partnership with Microsoft and we’ll show you how it works. Plus, Randy and Jason have a spring surprise for us. Maybe they even have some accessible Easter candy? You’ll have to listen to find out.

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