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The talking laundry module and tech news are featured on this episode of Main Menu.

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You asked for more braille on main Menu and we listened! This week we’re talking braille with Larry Skutchan and Keith Creasy from the American Printing House. They’ve got some big news that will blow us all away! It’s Braille Blaster! !

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Microsoft joins us with the latest on the Windows 10 Fall Creater's Update.

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Braille is the topic of discussion on this episode of MainMenu.

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It is all about Alexa on this episode of Main Menu.

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In this week’s show, we start out with Karen Keninger as she presented in July’s ACB Convention General Session. She talks about exciting changes happening at NLS and the BARD Program. Next, Peter Korn joins the Information Access Committee presentation at convention to present and answer questions about Amazon’s new Fire TV Edition Smart TV.

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This week we continue the presentation from the ACB 2017 Conference and Convention with a look at AIRA and how it might impact your travels. Then there’s this little event happening on Monday. You might have heard about it? Oh, that thing where the moon goes across the path of the sun and everything gets dark, then light again? Yeah, that thing. Jason brings us news about how ACB Radio will make it special for you!

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We’re back!!! This week the Main Menu team takes a road trip, or at least helps you do so with this presentation from the 2017 ACB Conference and Convention. “Uber and Lyft meet Self Driving Cars” takes a look at some of the technology out there, present and future, to help us get around. No, we don’t have flying cars just yet, but stay tuned to Main Menu as we bring you more from the summer convention throughout the month of august.

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Main Menu will be taking a break for the month of July but we want to go out with a Bang! Yes, this is one of those shows you’ll want to download and listen to again and again, not just because of our exceptional talent but because we’ve got some serious couch potato toppings! The Amazon Team comes to us with new and nifty accessibility updates to Voice view across their devices, including Fire TV! then Randy shows us the most important part of any TV, the Remote Control, for those Fire TV models. Scott Smith is back to show us another TV-related item, Alexa and Dish Network. Finally, anyone taking to the skies for convention or fun, because they can be mutually exclusive you know, will need to listen to Jenine’s demo of the My TSA app. We wish everyone attending the ACB Conference and Convention safe and happy travels! We’ll be back in August with much more exciting tech. .

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We’ve got our heads in the Cloud this week on Main Menu! Jenine talks with Jonathan Mosen about his new book “Meet Me in the Cloud” which covers the Zoom meeting platform. Joe Hodge gets eloquent as he shows you how to install Eloquence on the Sony Brevia XBR-43X800D.

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