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Sizing, colors, magnification and screen reading, you get to learn about all of them from the Accessibility Learning Webinar Series: Magnifier and Low Vision Features in Windows 10. Thanks to our friends at Microsoft we bring you this second in a series of webinars about the many accessibility features within Windows that you might not know about.

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This week your Main Menu crew gather around our Oblong tech table to talk skills! You might want to turn off the ears of any nearby digital assistants as we’ll be talking Amazon, Google and even a little Siri this week. Learn just how ACB Radio gets its skills, plus what is new in our tech lives from headphones to field recorders and oh so much more. You have been warned!

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Did you miss the Microsoft Accessibility Learning Webinar Narrator 101? Never fear! Main Menu comes to your rescue this week. We bring you the first in a series of webinars from Microsoft about the many features of Narrator. So if you’ve been considering trying it as your Windows screen reader, listen up. Plus we bring you some news from ACB and the world of technology.

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Just when you thought 2019 was getting boring, we crank up the volume and bring on the stars! This week Shelly Brisbin joins us under the Main Menu Disco Ball as we talk about her latest book, iOS Access for All. Shelly shares some of her inside knowledge of the electronic publishing world, her career in tech and podcasting along with the wealth of resources contained in her book. To learn more, check out her sample chapter and table of contents, plus much more exciting stuff at

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The Dexcom Glucometer and the Simply Safe home security system are featured on this episode of Main Menu.

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2018 is coming to a close and your Main Menu Team is ready to party! Before we do too much of that though, we’re going to take a look back at the significant tech for us in 2018. We might even take a glimpse into the future, complete with flying cars! OK, so the cars won’t fly but you’re in for a fun-filled hour with the entire Main Menu gang and our look back at 2018!

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What the heck is this dot for? How many times have you asked yourself that when looking at your microwave, dishwasher or dryer? Sure, you labeled it but now how to remember what all those buttons actually do. This week we talk with Anne DeWitt of Tangible Surface Research, about her line of tactile icons to represent those common functions, and some uncommon ones too. Anne is also doing some groundbreaking research into labeling exercise equipment so we can work off all the pounds we gain after using our accessible microwaves and ovens. Check out her work on her Facebook page at

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The holiday season brings us all those sugar plums but this week we’re happy to share great news for anyone dealing with Diabetes and all that festive sugar. Special thanks to Randy Rusnak and Bill Tillery of the Accessibility Moving Forward podcast and their guest Bill sparks of as they discuss the accessible features of the Freestyle Labre 14 day glucose meter and app. To say this is a game changer in diabetes management is an understatement!

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This episode is all about accessible voting. The following links are resources of information you need to know before going to the poles. Democracy Live: Election Assistance Commission: Phone number for Department of Justice Americans with Disabilities Act Tech Line: 1-800-514-0301 ADA National Network: 1-800-949-4232 to find your state’s Protection and Advocacy agency, just do a search for Protection and Advocacy.

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Where in the world is 63rd and Wallace? It’s somewhere in the Amazon Echo universe and this week, we go there with Peter Zetterberg and Russ McMackin of WanderWord! From mystery to fantasy, they bring us some interactive fun with our favorite digital assistant.

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