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On MainMenu for the week of August 7 thru August 14 2015 we bring you two mor segments on separate parts of the Dolphin Guide, and much more... MainMenu host David Tanner shows us around in the Dolphin Guide address book and we find out how to add new people and companies to our address book, look through the book, delete someone from our address book, and many other things we can do using the address book. Next David will show us the appointment calendar in Dolphin Guide and we will find out how to add appointments to the calendar, how to find out what what appointments are on our calendar and what times and days are free in case we need to set a new appointment in our calendar. Then MainMenu staff member David Woodbridge takes us on a demonstration of the recently released Apple Mac Book just released in spring 2015. This small 12 inch little computer might be just what you have been looking for, and after David gives us a good look you will have a better idea if this is what you are looking for in your next computer. And, then David brings us a demonstration of using the phone app on your Apple Watch. If you have installed Windows 10 you will want to know that Microsoft has released the first update to Windows 10 on August 5th, and you will want to check Windows update on your system to download this new update.


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