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This week, we were contacted by Lynette Tatum. She, along with Michael Doise, have created an app called MLWordTips. Did you ever want a plethora of useful tips and tricks for using Microsoft word right there on your phone? We had a delightful conversation with her as she informed us of how she got the idea to develop this app and describes what it offers. Next, we hear from our very own ACB Radio Main Menu Team member, Shannon Reece. She demonstrates the use of an iOS app which she uses to monitor the progress of her daughter in school. It is quite thorough and, well, all I can say is that Iím glad they didnít have this app around when I was in school. Heheheheheheh. Lastly, Randy and I come back and have some conversation to help round out some of the tangents off on which we went in that first interview. Thank you for your interest and enjoy the program!


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