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This week on Main Menu we bring you the latest information from the folks at Microsoft Corporation all about the new Windows 10 anniversary update coming next week to a computer near you. Narrator, the screen reader built-in to Windows 10 is the main focus of our discussion this week and we brought a number of technology experts direct from Microsoft and elsewhere to talk all about it. The following Microsoft engineers joined us on the show from the Windows 10 Narrator accessibility team: Brett Humphrey, Kelly Ford and Dan Hubbell. In addition, Joe Steinkamp joined us from the Blind Bargains site as a technology expert on Windows 10. Microsoft has been hard at work on significantly enhancing Narrator with new voices, performance improvements, a new scan mode, new verbosity settings and so much more. We ask Microsoft questions about the upgrade experience for Windows users and we even dive into the positioning of Narrator as a viable commercial screen reader. This is really just the start of what is a jam packed show. In fact, we have a slight change for this week. We had so much content that was timely we will be airing the content of the show on ACB Radio starting at 9:00 PM Eastern. If you get the podcast version of the show there will be an additional 15 minutes of audio demonstrations of Narrator features included. Here are some important links you should keep in mind for Windows 10: What is coming up in Win10 Anniversary Update August 2 Ready to upgrade? AT user? Please use this link for free upgrade to Windows 10 Narrator user guides and documentation (this link will be live on August 2nd)


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